Bliss (2019), by Joe Begos – Review

Bliss (2019), by Joe Begos - Review

A lysergic gore bath, filthy and, somehow, bewitching.

There are types of movies such as music,
of opposite genres and festivals that are attractive in their own way; there are types of
art, paintings and tones of them. Joe Begos is a film director that well
could be a close friend of your colleague "the metalhead", who does not move from the pantone
black in his closet and he loves to talk about Satanism, or it might not be,
but what I'm sure of is that he's a passionate guy for his own,
Someone daring and without brakes.

In Bliss, his latest work, proves it. A lysergic gore bath, filthy and, somehow, bewitching. In case it is not clear, I should say that this is not a tape for anyone, not even for many and many, it is a film that makes your stomach and your eyes suffer from the beautiful, at least it is what happened to me . He will fall in love with the followers of the hard (that I am understood), who are driven mad by the madness itself. It will frighten others, beware, like any movie out of the ordinary.

The story begins with a mild itching, without
outbursts or rare combinations, but with enough of that
Cinema B appearance that at any time you know will explode in the tidal wave
psychotropic and bloody that can not take long to arrive. The protagonist, to the
that gives life in a brutal and incredible way Dora Madison, gives herself to a life
dissolute that will be offering the viewer very energetic lapses on the screen,
some extreme and brief riffeos that leave some truce to the spectator in shock,
Which is appreciated.

It is not a tape for anyone, it makes your stomach and your eyes suffer from the beautiful.

All very punk in that sense and so far, because when we look at the abyss of the end, Satan is sinisterly greeting us with his death metal band right next to him. The vampire story and the entropy of drugs with invented names becomes even darker until it reaches a point of no return and quite chaotic (both for the protagonist and for the public), a final stretch that for many will become eternal despite Last a few minutes. I feel that this second part so dirty is quite uphill and we must strive to continue wanting to see this emetic horror. The escalation of violence is, of course, extremely rugged and atrocious in its crudest execution.

I wouldn't know if I liked it or was horrified, I'm not going to get wet. I do not think that Bliss Be it my kind of movie or your soundtrack my kind of music and yet some of my favorite paintings are in Goya's Black Paintings. There are types and types of art, you just have to discover them.

Synopsis A woman will do everything necessary to complete what she considers her great "masterpiece," even if she has to enter a world of sex, drugs and murder on the periphery of the city of Los Angeles.
country U.S
Address Joe Begos
Script Joe Begos
Music Steve Moore
Photography Mike Testin
Distribution Dora Madison, Tru Collins, Rhys Wakefield, George Wendt, Abraham Benrubi, Chris Mckenna, Graham Skipper, Jeremy Gardner
Gender Terror
Duration 80 min
Original title Bliss
Premiere 02/07/2020

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