Borat 2: Sacha Baron Cohen shares an incredible anecdote from the shoot

Sacha Baron Cohen reveals she lived as Borat for five days with a couple of conspirators while shooting the movie

The actor Sacha Baron Cohen was positioned as one of the most popular comedians in the world after the premiere of the first installment of Borat. The success of Borat: Cultural Lessons from the United States for the Benefit of the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan did not leave anyone indifferent. Cohen knew how to take advantage of this and his comedy has continued down the path of political satire, as was proven in The Dictator (2012) and the series Who is America?. During the quarantine, the actor saw a new opportunity to get people's attention. Sacha Baron Cohen recorded the sequel to Borat during the first months of quarantine due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States. The film will present us with new bizarre situations and days after its release, the actor shares some anecdotes from the filming.

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In an interview with The New York Times, Cohen recounted that during the tapes of the Borat sequel he not only interviewed a couple of conspirators but also lived with them. The actor revealed that he lived with the pair for five days and had to stay in character your entire stay. Although we will probably see a different treatment in the movie, in real life Cohen defended the men.

Sacha Baron Cohen affirms that they are good people and that their ideas are the fault of social media. “They are ordinary people. They are good people who have been fed a diet of lies. They are completely different from politicians who are motivated by their own power. These politicians have realized that they can create fear by spreading lies through the most effective propaganda machine in history. "

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In turn, the actor confesses that these days were the more difficult for him throughout the shoot. Not because of his housemates, but because staying in character for five days was exhausting. “The hardest thing I had to do was live as the character for five days in this quarantine house. I woke up, had breakfast, ate, had dinner and went to sleep like Borat when he lived in the house of these conspirators. I couldn't get out of character at any time. "

The truth is that the actor is used to cope with tense moments during the recordings of his movies. In an interview with Time, he said that during the filming of Borat 2 he feared for his life. The team was filming in a rally in favor of arms and when the actor was recognized he had to flee. The gun-laden protesters surrounded Cohen's car and they tried to get him out of the vehicle.

Scandals have followed the comedian in every project. Many are the people interviewed by Cohen who they end up denouncing him after realizing the real purposes of his interviews. The last complaint on the list is that of a survivor of the Holacaust Sacha Baron Cohen's claim and Amazon Prime interviewed her under false pretenses. For its part, the study affirms that it was made known what were the real reasons for the interview.

Borat 2 is the first film recorded during the Coronavirus restrictions to be released. Borat: Subsuquent Film premieres October 23 on Amazon Prime. | Cinema, comics and series

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