Bruce Campbell reveals details about Doctor Strange 2

We don't know yet if Bruce Campbell will appear in Doctor Strange 2, but the actor has shared some information about the Marvel movie.

Bruce Campbell is a frequent contributor to the director Sam Raimi and during a recent interview, he shared a surprising update on Doctor Strange 2movie Marvel studios that will arrive in 2022.

The actor Bruce Campbell is perhaps best known for playing Ash in the franchise Evil Dead, but comic book fans fondly remember the actor for his memorable appearances in the trilogy. Spider-man from Sam Raimi. They have been working together for a long time, and since the filmmaker is in charge of Doctor Strange 2, it will probably have a cameo if not a more important character.

Now, the actor has shared a surprisingly well-informed update on this UCM installment, and it's hard to imagine that he's not involved in any way given what he says: “For Doctor Strange 2, everyone is at the mercy of what Marvel will do and of the accumulation of films that they are going to do now ”, he explained.

"So I think production won't be until 2021. Marvel has to figure this out," Campbell said. "They have to find out which movies they are going to make next, which movies are going to delay, which movies are going to shit, which movies are going to advance and accelerate ... The market is always fluid."

The film will arrive in 2022.

When they announced the movie Doctor Strange 2, its release date was 2021, but because of the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, everything was delayed. Now we can see this new installment of the Supreme Sorcerer of Marvel on March 25, 2022.

Director Sam Raimi has a lot of work ahead of him, as Doctor Strange 2 will be the craziest and funniest movie to be released to date at Marvel Studios. It will also follow the events of the series WandaVision, so this series will have to be seen before its premiere. | Movies, comics and series