Bruce Timm would be working on a new animated Batman movie

A new rumor ensures that Bruce Timm, the person in charge of Batman: the animated series, would be behind a new project which would be called Batman: Soul of the Dragon.

After the release of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, not much was said about the future of DC animated films. This is because a new project starring Superman will be presented soon, but at the moment there are not many details about the upcoming productions. However, a new rumor is targeting Bruce Timm already Batman.

This new rumor promoted by the Geeks Worldwide portal caught a lot of attention, since it not only raises that a new independent film would be in development, but also raises that this would be commanded by none other than Bruce Timm. According to the portal, the person in charge of Batman: the animated series would be working on a new project called Batman: Soul of the Dragon, which would premiere directly in the home market and whose plot would focus on Bruce Wayne's martial arts training.

A new project on the way

Batman: Soul of the Dragon It would be presented as a delivery covered by the premise of "Elseworlds", that is, it would be outside the main continuities and for now it is a project that is not confirmed nor does it have a linked cast. While everything remains in the field of rumors, Geeks Worldwide says that the movie Bruce Timm could debut next year.

"In this new version of Batman, his martial arts training becomes the focus," says the Geeks Worldwide report. “The movie will reportedly focus on Batman, Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon as we learn that they all share a common acquaintance. The martial arts master who trained not only Batman but also this set of villains has been missing for several years and under mysterious circumstances, "the report added. "When a cursed relic reappears, the mystery of its dead master reopens and Batman and his former companions face off in the final test of their martial arts skills to gain control of this dangerous relic." | Movies, comics and series