Burning Heart (2020) – Criticism

What is judged a priori as a casposo, is gradually awakening the viewer's interest.

A well-known Mexican writer has been going through a creative crisis for a year and her editor presses her, giving her an ultimatum of just fifteen days, to present the plot of her next novel. Faced with this lack of ideas, he goes to a television presenter who conducts a program on mysterious topics and she advises him to investigate the events around the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Lupe (Karyme Lozano), this is the name of the writer, is not convinced a priori the project, but when studying the documentation provided by María (María Vallejo-Nájera), the announcer, she realizes how exciting she can get to be. It is a documentary film that tells us several interesting cases that occurred around the Sacred Heart of Jesus, such as the revelations to Santa Margarita de Alacoque or the consecration of some States to this cult and the delicate consequences that resulted from it, as in the case of Ecuador (First country in the world that joined this action in the late nineteenth century) or Spain in the time of Alfonso XIII. On the other hand, after making a previous historical tour, the most documentary part of the film takes us into the miracles and strange phenomena that have occurred around this rite: such as that of the bleeding hosts or the protective effect that the stop embroidery (scapulars) in the Armed Forces, just to name a couple of examples. At the same time, the personal story of the writer who is stealthily appended to the plot of the investigation is told.

There are ways of understanding life, surely different from ours, that can still teach us many things.

The documentary film, with a clear Catholic ideology, begins in a way in which the bodily and the header is predicted by sudden sleep. The main actresses are also evidenced, at first sight, as amateurs; However, when the tape advances, everything changes and interests. What is judged a priori as a casposo, is gradually awakening the interest of the viewer and is that this film has a very beautiful background that is not glimpsed at first sight. This film speaks of the immense love that Jesus has for men and the suffering he suffers from feeling abandoned by them, the love of a daughter to a father and the faith that is one of the greatest manifestations of this feeling so broad and so circumscribed we have it lately. Whether Catholic or not, whether religious or not, whether believer or not, this work shows examples of families that convince with a different way of life, the Catholic, now in disuse and reviled, where families are numerous, The exercise of faith is part of everyday life and where the love of God is cause for continued joy.

Dare! Get out of the norm and go see it because there are ways of understanding life, surely different from ours, that can still teach us many things. Let's be really anti-systems and let's get closer, if only out of curiosity, to these ways of loving and knowing the world. Let's not get confused or be so myopic: being Catholic does not mean being a blessed meapilas who argues his faith by going to Mass every Sunday; Being a Catholic is much more than that, it is to practice a faith detached from interests where your exercise is born of true love for your neighbor.

Synopsis Lupe Valdés is a famous writer who investigates the apparitions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus seeking inspiration for her next novel. Guided by a mystery expert, she will discover secrets that dazzle her imagination.
country Spain
Address Andrés Garrigó, Antonio Cuadri
Script Andrés Garrigó, Pedro Delgado
Music Jesus Calderón
Photography Óscar Parada, Ismael Durán
Gender Documentary film
Duration 89 min.
Original title Burning heart
Premiere 02/21/2020

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