Captain Marvel 2 could include Ms Marvel and adapt Secret Invasion

According to the latest reports, the movie Captain Marvel 2 will be a free adaptation of Secret Invasion and will also include Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan).

One of the most anticipated films of Phase 4 of the UCM, Without a doubt is Captain Marvel 2, where Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) could cope with the Secret Invasion, a great comic event whose adaptation should be quite free, especially because of the different Skrulls in the movies.

Also in Captain Marvel 2, there are plans to introduce Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan), although according to this information it will be a very minor role. While it will also "feature a lot of important MCU characters," so it will be like a "mini Avengers movie." A strategy similar to the one they used with Captain America: Civil War (2016).

That probably means we can expect to see Carol Danvers return to Earth to face an invasion by the Skrulls, and Marvel Studios will no doubt begin to drop some clues about Earth's most powerful heroes being replaced by Skrull infiltrators.

What is Secret Invasion about in the comics?

This event tells how the Skrulls plan to invade Earth. To do this, different agents with the ability to transform infiltrate and thus usurp the identity of high-ranking government officials and superheroes. Therefore in Captain Marvel 2 We will see how the disunity of the heroes favors the arrival of aliens with bad intentions.

Curiously in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Skrulls are currently good as they were devastated by the Kree and act as refugees on Earth. But that could change if the Empire is restored and decides to follow an ancient prophecy. Also we already saw Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in space inside a spaceship that could be part of SWORD. A government organization that serves to attack potential extraterrestrial threats. | Movies, comics and series