Captain Planet gets a "fan poster" in the current style

A spectacular poster made by an internet artist, imagine what a Captain Planet movie would look like in the style of modern superhero installments.

Captain Planet and the planetariums was a popular animated television series by Hanna-Barbera which aired in the 1990s. The plot of the show focused on five different magic rings that are sent to five children, each from a different region on Earth. These objects have a different power: Earth, wind, fire, water and heart. When combined they summon Captain Planet, a superhero who fights for the environment and justice.

Each episode of Captain Planet covered a different environmental or socio-political cause and attempted to educate children on the subject, while providing advice on how to take action. While the show is a bit dated (one of the boys hails from the Soviet Union), its message still resonates with the generation that grew up watching it, and many believe it is ready for a more modern reboot. In fact, over the years there have been several rumors that they were going to make a movie. Even involving actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Since he is a person very aware of the environment.

Now we could see what a movie poster would look like in the purest style of the current superhero installments.

Digital artist BossLogic has posted his vision of what a Captain Planet movie poster might look like via Twitter. The image focuses on the superhero's hand with the five rings and features a studio logo. As well as an updated version of the 90's series logo.

Captain Planet gets a

The work of art is reminiscent of the earliest works of Avengers: Infinity War which showed Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet and is clearly inspired by the movie from Marvel. Subtle details add a nice touch to the poster. Including the ring of fire that bursts into flames, as well as an Earth pendant in Captain Planet's hand.

Furthermore, the environmental and social justice that Captain Planet fought for in the 1990s is possibly more relevant now than it was 30 years ago. Since the planet is a little worse than at that time. | Movies, comics and series