Chadwick Boseman was worried Black Panther 2 wouldn't happen

T’Chaka actor John Kani talks about Chadwick Boseman's commitment to making the first movie great in case they didn't get a chance to make Black Panther 2.

John kani that gave life to T’Chaka, remember that Chadwick boseman wanted to Black panther was the best it could be, in case they didn't have a chance to do Black panther 2. The South African actor, playwright and director played the father of T’Challa and former king of Wakanda in Captain America: Civil War, followed by another appearance in the groundbreaking film Ryan coogler. Now, he talks about his experience working at Marvel in the immediate aftermath of Boseman's passing.

Last week, Hollywood, Marvel fans and the entire world were shocked to learn of Chadwick Boseman's untimely passing. It turns out that the actor secretly battled colon cancer for 4 years until he succumbed to it. There was no indication that he was fighting for his life since he was diagnosed with the disease in 2016. In fact, he was active in his acting work, starring in a number of films, including Black Panther. A commercial and critical success for Marvel Studios, the film was also a cultural phenomenon, something that Boseman and Coogler may not have anticipated. It also caused Black Panther 2 to be highly anticipated.

The first film impacted on a great social level in 2018.

Kani spoke in a recent interview to pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman and shared what it was like working with him on Black Panther. Interestingly, the actor revealed that Coogler and Boseman were motivated to make sure the project was as good as they could be, as they may not get another chance to do something like that.

“It was an incredible presence from an incredibly tense, urgent, and absolutely focused young man. He knew more, more than we do, that this was a moment, and it was the moment of Africa. He felt pretty serious about Ryan Coogler. They always said, Guys, we have a chance to make a totally black Hollywood movie funded by Marvel and turn it into the biggest hit possible. Because this opportunity may not be presented again. He was that kind of actor. "

Chadwick Boseman was supposed to return for Black Panther 2 scheduled for 2022, which would once again be directed by Ryan Coogler. His passing obviously left a massive void in the long-awaited project and in the UCM as a whole and a delicate subject that must be handled with care. While he will no longer be able to return as T’Challa on the big screen, one thing is for sure: his absence will affect the project. | Cinema, comics and series