Charlie Cox is more likely to return as Daredevil

It seems that Marvel Studios wants Charlie Cox to reprise the role of Daredevil as in the Netflix series and it seems that they are going to get it.

It's been two years since Netflix canceled the great series of Daredevil and since then there are many rumors about the actor Charlie cox will reprise the role of the blind hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The latest reports suggest that he has a good chance of returning.

Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, is a huge fan of Netflix's Daredevil and was particularly impressed with Charlie Cox's performance. So plan number one is to replay the character, unless an agenda conflict on the actor's part prevents such a thing.

It will appear in the movies or in a television series.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no longer composed only of movies, since it is also made up of series such as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Hawkeye or Loki. So chances are high that the Daredevil series with Charlie Cox will be revived and premiered on Disney +. Although due to its violence, perhaps Hulu could be better suited to the show.

But don't forget that there are several plans to include Charlie Cox's Daredevil in the MCU. Since we could see it in the form of a cameo in Spider-man 3 and more actively in the new Avengers movie. Although he wouldn't necessarily join the team, it is said, but he can act as a street hero, keeping an eye on how things are going in New York as they face the cosmic threat.

Although there are no plans for a great Avengers movie at the moment, it seems that the second installment of Captain Marvel it will gather all the heroes of the Earth again. That's where Charlei Cox's Daredevil would fit best, as a secret invasion by aliens such as the Skrulls or the Kree would have to be stopped. | Cinema, comics and series