Charlie Cox was considered to be Superman

Mark Millar has revealed that he and Matthew Vaughn discussed a Superman movie that would have starred in Charlie Cox from Daredevil.

While Charlie Cox is famous for playing Matt Murdock on Netflix's Daredevil, it turns out that the star was once chosen to play Superman in a pre-Henry Cavill movie that never happened.

Kingsman creator Mark Millar explained to The Aspiring Kryptonian how Kick-Ass's Matthew Vaughn viewed Cox as his Man of Steel. "[Matthew] and I had a lot of conversations about who could play Superman. We never really talked about history, "revealed Millar. "Strangely, his idea was really interesting, Charlie Cox, the guy who played Daredevil. And Matthew had just worked with him on Stardust a year or two earlier. And there is something really nice about it. He said: ‘I know he is not big and Superman is always big“, like Charlie, maybe he is 1.76 or 1.80 meters or something like that. He says, "It looks a lot like the Golden Age version of Superman, you know when he was a bit more like a regular person. '"

Zack Snyder started the DC Extended Universe with Man of Steel from 2013 and chose Henry Cavill as the lead in the film. However, somewhere in the complicated history of the Superman movies that never happened, Millar intended to partner with Vaughn for his own version of the Metropolis wonder man.

Although Millar claimed that Vaughn's idea never got past the casting stage, he said: "If I had, I think it would have been interesting." This is not the first time that news from Vaughn's Superman movie has turned around. In 2017, the director described his idea as a modern update to the Richard Donner films directed by Christopher Reeve. In addition to the story taking place primarily in Krypton, Vaughn said that Kal-El would be torn between his loyalty to his planet and Earth.

Warner Bros after disappointment with the global box office of Superman returns in 2006 the studio wanted to restart once again and start from scratch. With Brandon Routh as Superman, there were plans for D.J. Justice League Cotrona: Deadly by George Miller and someone else to play Superman in a separate independent continuity film. In June 2008, Warner Bros took arguments from the writers about a remake of Superman, with David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan also making a release after the success of The Dark Knight.

Ultimately, Vaughn and Miller's Superman joins the long list of canned projects that fans will never be able to see, along with Vaughn's later plans for The Man of Steel 2. However, with Henry Cavill playing shy about his possible reappearance as Superman, there could still be room for Cox to trade Marvel for DC. After all, he believes that he has finished playing Man Without Fear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. | Movies, comics and series