Charlize Theron provided more details on the conflicts in Mad Max

A few days ago, Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy discussed the tension on set when filming Mad Max: Fury Road. Recently, the actress returned to tell new details.

Five years have passed since the premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road, a film that was critically acclaimed and also by viewers. Despite its fame, it is well known that the cast had several complications when recording it. Some days ago, Tom hardy and Charlize Theron, protagonists of the film, spoke about this tension on the filming set.

As expected, the statements were echoed both on social media and in the media. Now, new opinions from Charlize Theron about this conflict and everything he felt when recording Mad Max: Fury Road. According to the actress, much of the tension on the set of the film was fueled by her own lack of confidence in the director. George Miller.

But what happened?

Charlize Theron he told Kyle Buchanan, a journalist for the New York Times (via IndieWire) that the tensions experienced on the set were largely due to mistrust of Miller, since the filmmaker did not express what he had in mind and that made the actress desperate. .

"We didn't have a script, let's start with that. We had photos. As an actress, it was very stressful and every time I sat down with him, I would ask him: 'Okay, but what about here?' He is the most charming man, and he would go on these tangents explaining things that are not even part of the movie since he's been sitting for 30 years thinking about this. And in the end, I would come out of those meetings like, "I still don't know what's going on." Looking back, I should have trusted him a bit more and I think it would have made filming easier. It is not easy for him to fully expose what you want to know, ”explained the Mad Max: Fury Road star.

Despite the above, Charlize Theron She also recalled that after all the trouble and mistrust towards Miller, when she finally saw the first cut of the film, which lasted almost three and a half hours, she thought it was perfect and she felt original.

"Usually when you see a long cut, you say, 'Oh my gosh, no, get rid of it, it's so repetitive.' But there was nothing that seemed repetitive to me, and I got lost in all those moments. I felt that, for the first time in my career, it was part of something that you could really say: 'This feels original.' George is a teacher. And everything is inside your head. Sometimes I just want to climb and spend some time there to understand it better ”, he closed. | Movies, comics and series