Charlize Theron wants a crossover from Atomic and John Wick

Recently, Charlize Theron provided an idea that occurred to her and that did not go down at all among fans. The actress wants a crossover between Atomic and John Wick.

Without a doubt, Charlize Theron action movies fascinate him. We could already see it in movies like Mad Max: Road Fury, Atomic, Fast and Furious 8 and now he stars The old guard, which premiered in Netflix recently. And apparently, that doesn't seem like enough. In addition to developing a possible sequel to Atomicwould love to have a crossover with John Wick.

So he has told The Hollywood Reporter talking about his friendship with Keanu Reeves, which he coincided with in the 2001 movie dulce Sweet November ’:“ Keanu is one of my favorite people in the whole world, I love him madly. I respect him, I admire him and I am very grateful to have made two films with him. " There is a line that the two action films: David Leitch, director of ‘Atomic’, had directed with Chad Stahelski, ‘John ​​Wick’. However, Leitch is only credited as a producer on John Wick: although he directed alongside Stahelski the film was unable to receive directorial credit for Directors Guild rules. The rest of the films in the saga feature Leitch as executive producer.

So Charlize Theron is not crazy: "[Keanu Reeves and I] are in a new stage of our careers, and 'Atomic' was highly influenced by 'John Wick'. So if we can get those two characters to meet on a timeline that makes sense, I'm willing. " You cannot make it more clear. "Listen, as soon as they call me, I'll be there," he says.

Atomic sequel on Netflix?

In the same interview, Charlize Theron, who would love to star in the Furiosa prequel, has given some details of how the development of a possible sequel for her 2017 movie is going. “We are in the development stage right now, that has been good thing about quarantine, being able to develop together with the writers through Zoom. So we are actively developing an 'Atomic' sequel right now. "

The actress is confirming a news story that emerged in April that the movie will be produced directly for Netflix. Leitch himself made a statement last summer: “A streaming platform is interested. I was a custom director on that movie, but after all, Kelly McCormick, my production partner and wife, will be involved, for sure, as a producer. And that's how I got the job the first time. We'll see". | Movies, comics and series