China has the highest grossing movie of 2020

In an act of power and domination of the box office, China places one of its blockbusters as the highest grossing company.

The war drama The Eight Hundred graduated in China Ba bai surpassed Bad Boys for Life as the highest-grossing film of 2020. As it made $ 17.7 million over the weekend, increasing its total official box office to $ 426 million worldwide in the month since its debut. While the third installment of Bad boys it reached 424 million dollars at the beginning of the year.

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The Eight Hundred tells the story of the defense of Sihang Warehouse when a group of Chinese soldiers and draft dodgers defended a Shanghai warehouse complex from Japanese forces for four days in 1937 during the Battle of Shanghai and the Second Sino-Japanese War. Something like the Chinese version of 300.

The movie The Eight Hundred It cost 85 million and experts suggest that it will end its film career with 445 million, a figure that is difficult to beat this year.

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Neither Tenet nor Mulan will reach those figures.

China is a very special market, since there are more than 1,300 million people and if they like a specific movie they can make the collection be a lot. That is why film studios are increasingly betting on pleasing the tastes of the Chinese, the problem is that it differs a lot from what it takes in mass to Western viewers. A clear example is Mulan, who instead of trying to make a live action version of the classic animated film, they have tried to win the Chinese box office. Unfortunately, we don't know how much a normal year would have raised, but a lot of people didn't like it at all.

Mulan in China it has grossed about 36 million dollars, while Tenet has reached the figure of 61 million, but both will be far from being the highest grossing in 2020. Other films that could compete with The Eight Hundred They are Black widow from Marvel, James Bond: No Time to Die or Wonder Woman 1984 from DC Comics. All of them should arrive this year, but things may change at any moment.

For now, China is the second most important market for movies, but this could take a turn from now on. Especially if the issue of the Coronavirus does not improve. | Cinema, comics and series