Chloe Bennet from SHIELD Agents wants to be in the Marvel movies

Actress Chloe Bennet is one of the great protagonists of Agents of SHIELD, but the series ends and she wants to continue in the Marvel movies.

Although at first the series of SHIELD Agents Following the events of the Marvel movies, the program gradually separated from the film saga and continued on its own path. Now that it's ending, the actress Chloe bennet who plays the inhuman Quake wants to continue with the character.

Kevin Feige has confirmed that none of Marvel's previous television shows are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, so the only valid series are The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki or WandaVision, leaving the SHIELD Agents in the place of mythology.

But there is still hope for Chloe bennet, since the people in charge of the series have erased the events of the seven seasons thanks to the temporary trips and the Agents of SHIELD could return to the UCM.

Fans have always held out hope that Coulson will make an epic return to the movies.

Now Chloe Bennet's character is rumored to be in Marvel movies and could even headline her own show. Disney +And in a recent interview, the actress once again admitted that she would love to continue in the role.

"I definitely would. I mean, I have a soft spot for her. I started filming the show when I was 20, and then ended when I was 27. To get this moment in isolation, to look back over the past seven years and how much it has meant to me, I really don't think the show ended, so I really I don't feel like I'm done interpreting it yet. I think once the last episode airs and the show is really out of my life, I think it will be an interesting feeling. But I can never say never. I mean, Coulson died about 800 times. I don't think I realized when I first auditioned for the role how much this character, how much this universe, and how much S.H.I.E.L.D. It was going to be just a part of me for the rest of my life. I would definitely be open to interpreting it again. ” Chloe Bennet said. | Movies, comics and series