Chloë Grace Moretz could star in John Wick spin-off Ballerina

Undoubtedly, John Wick has managed to become a big hit on the big screen. So much so, that the franchise will have a spin-off called Ballerina and could have Chloë Grace Moretz as the protagonist.

John wick It has become one of the most successful action franchises in recent years. With a Keanu Reeves at the head and a plot that fascinates, the films of this character managed to make an important place in the film industry. So much so, that it has already been confirmed that the saga will have a spin-off called Ballerina. Apparently, Chloë Grace Moretz will be the protagonist.

In the third installment of John wickWe observe a significant fraction of the academy where he grew up. Here are the dancers, beautiful young girls initiated into the art of murder. The spin-off Ballerina it will focus precisely on one of them. According to the information of the always reliable Daniel RPK (via Comic Book), Lionsgate is targeting Chloë Grace Moretz to be the star of the new movie, and boy is it a very interesting character.

On what will Ballerina go?

According to the information recently provided, the spin-off of John wick It will be very interesting: “Rooney Brown is a trained assassin who travels the world eliminating terrorists and other targets, but she strictly refuses to kill anyone who she does not think deserves death. After being attacked by a rival organization, Rooney withdraws but then seeks revenge when his entire family is killed. "

Among other details, Rooney belongs to the organization of assassins led by the character of Anjelica Huston, and which in turn is responsible for being at the service of the High Table. The report also notes that Keanu Reeves and Huston They will return to embody their characters with a couple of cameos that will surely leave fans delighted; The actors have allegedly already spoken to the company to repeat their roles.

As to John Wick 4, the film was forced to delay its release because of the coronavirus. | Movies, comics and series