Chris Evans says Captain America was the best thing in his life

During the quarantine, Chris Evans recalled his film career and reviewed his work as Captain America. In this way, the actor assumed that playing that character was the best decision he ever made.

Chris Evans He reviewed his career so far on a podcast from the Hollywood Reporter, and has taken the opportunity to open up about how really important it was for him to say "yes" to the role of Captain America, when he almost rejected it. Undoubtedly, the actor now considers this event as "the best decision of his life."

The actor explains that, at the time of Cellular and Not another stupid american movie, he thought, “I can't make a good movie. I do not know what's happening. How many more opportunities am I going to have. '” Then came Johnny Storm in The fantastic 4, a paper that explained that he needed it because he had just been rejected. But during the filming of the sequel and afterwards she started having anxiety attacks. "I don't know if this is the right thing for me, I don't know if I'm feeling healthy like I should be," Chris Evans thought. Then Marvel He offered him the role of Steve Rogers, and he hesitated to accept it, despite the large sum, for what it could mean for his health. In fact, he refused to test for the role, and that at Marvel they were so interested in him that they offered him more money and less movies.

The second time was the charm. Marvel contacted him again and this time, after talking to Robert Downey Jr. himself, he ended up saying yes. Thanks Kevin Feige for "being persistent and helping him avoid making a giant mistake." He claims that "he fell in love with Steve Rogers very quickly" and that his fear of the anxiety attacks returning did not end.

Chris Hemsworth, your best support

He has also taken the opportunity to thank someone for being with him in his first steps in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Chris Hemsworth. “It was nice to have him around because he was going through the same thing. I mean, at that point Robert was already Robert and Scarlett was already Scarlett. And Ruffalo and Renner, from that one, were already fucking him. Hemsworth and I were very new and we also had solo movies so I think we shared our anxiety, and at least that made it more comforting. "

Now that you've left Captain America behind, Chris Evans he is breaking it with new projects. Especially with Defending Jaob, the new fiction of Apple TV +. However, he declared that he is willing to continue defending superhero cinema, although he admits that "we may be a little too used to the structure." But for him “each one is different. And the caliber of talent they attract is a reflection of that. " | Movies, comics and series