Chris Evans would have loved to play Spider-Man except for one detail

Actor Chris Evans will always be remembered for being Captain America in Marvel movies, but he would also have liked to bring Spider-man to life.

TO Chris Evans would have loved to play Spider-manBut the costume and especially the mask could have been a decisive factor. He has already played two characters from Marvel. Since his first period as a superhero occurred in the movies of the Fantastic four from 2005 and 2007, where he played Johnny Storm / Human Torch. Later, he was offered the part for which he is now best known: the Captain America. Evans was initially wary of taking on the role, but was later convinced by his mother. He then appeared in numerous films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-man, meanwhile, was not included in the UCM at first because Sony had the rights to the character. However, when the studio was unable to carry out its grand plans for the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, it struck a deal with Marvel and Peter Parker joined the Avengers. Tom holland was cast in the role, and made his film debut Captain America: Civil War where Chris Evans was the great protagonist.

The actor's time at Marvel is over, but he's still open to arguing about superheroes.

In a recent interview, Chris Evans commented that his childhood hero was not Captain America, but Spider-Man. Also, he would have liked the opportunity to play it. "I would have loved to do scenes like swinging to the sides of buildings and trying to jump from one building to another," Evans said. There is only one thing that would have made things difficult for him, as the actor explained: “But I would have hated wearing the Spider-Man mask. I'm very claustrophobic and I doubt if I could have worn that kind of full suit. Being masked for hours a day on a set? I prefer my Captain America outfit, which I think is cooler anyway! ” | Movies, comics and series