Chris Hemsworth could sign for Mad Max spin-off

Chris Hemsworth podría fichar por el spin-off de Mad Max

They are preparing the film Mad Max: Furious a prequel to Fury Road (2015) and Chris Hemsworth could have a leading role.

The actor Chris Hemsworth he is in the prime of his career. Now he is preparing the biography of Hulk hogan, He will also star in a fourth film of Thor at Marvel Cinematic Universe, they are also talking about doing a second part of Tyler Rake (Extraction) and now they report that it could be in Mad Max: Furious.

The director of Mad Max: Fury Road, George miller, has now confirmed that he is planning a prequel centered on Furiosa, but instead of it being Charlize Theron As the protagonist, the story will focus on a younger incarnation of the one-armed warrior before she becomes the fearsome Imperator Furiosa and Warner Bros wants Chris Hemsworth to join her.

Tom hardy as Mad Max will not appear, but reports point to a new character named Dementus, and according to the film studio Chris Hemsworth would be perfect to play it.

This would be the new character.

Dementus is said to be “incredibly handsome. The face of an angel, marked by a deep wound on the forehead sewn together with shiny chrome staples ”. The name and description seem to suggest that this guy will be a villain, but this has yet to be specified.

Even if Chris Hemsworth you are not alone in the race for the role. Since they have also contacted Richard Madden, the actor who played Rob Stark in Game of Thrones and who will play Ikaris in The Eternals of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As for the female lead, Geroge Miller is reported to have had conversations with the Killing Eve star, Jodie Comer, but they have never confirmed it. The Mad Max spin-off is only in a very early stage of development, so if Chris Hemsworth eventually joins it will take a while to announce. | Cinema, comics and series