Chris Hemsworth promises Thor: Love and Thunder will be different

The fourth installment of Thor will begin filming in January and Chris Hemsworth affirms that it will be something different from what we are used to.

Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the most anticipated films of Phase 4 of Marvel. The Norse god will be the first MCU character to feature a fourth movie and the expectations are high. After a somewhat lazy second installment, director Taika Waititi managed to reinvent the character of Thor in Ragnarok and I leave the fans and the studio wanting more. the director did not beg and will return for the fourth installment. Now the protagonist, Chris Hemsworth confirms that fans of the character will see a completely different side of Thor.

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During a conversation with Swisse Vitamins & Supplements, the actor confirmed that filming for Thor: Love & Thunder will begin next January. Hemsworth tells in the interview that in principle they would have to have already started recording, but due to the global situation, production was delayed. So the shooting of the movie will start at early 2021 in Australia.

Also Chris Hemsworth warns fans that the movie it won't be like anything they're used to. “I am very excited, excited to try something different. You know, the last three movies I think we've certainly managed to get out of the box and present different versions of the character. And now people are expecting some drastic changes. So I think we've done that part. "

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For now little is known about the plot of Thor: Love and Thunder. The last time we saw Thor on the big screen was in Endgame, after the battle against the army of Thanos. After being wrecked after the events of Infinity war, the character seemed to be on the mend and was heading on a new adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy. And while nothing is confirmed, Vin Disel actor who voices Groot announced in September that some Guardians of the Galaxy would appear in Love and Thunder. Thor too. The director told me about the film and that it will feature the appearance of some of the guardians. That will be interesting. Nobody knows. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. "

It is also known that in the fourth installment several well-known faces from the Thor universe will return. Hemsworth will be joined by Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Natalie Portman as Jane foster. Cheer me on, Portman would have confirmed that the movie would follow the arc in which Jane Foster becomes Thor while the character is fighting cancer. I'm trying to think. It is based on the graphic novel of The Mighty Thor. On the one hand, she is undergoing cancer treatment and on the other, she is a superhero. "

The truth is that Marvel Studios knows keep your secrets well so we will have to wait for an official announcement. According to the calendar announced in Comic-Con San Diego 2019 the film was going to be released in November 2021 but we will have to wait a little longer. Thor: Love and Thunder will be released on February 11, 2022. | Cinema, comics and series

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