Chris Pine is hoping to return as Captain Kirk in Star Trek 4

Actor Chris Pine, who has played Captain Kirk three times, expresses interest in returning for Star Trek 4 if it comes true.

Before the premiere of Star Trek: Beyond (2016), Star trek 4 was in development. The original plan was that Chris pine co-star in the new story with Chris Hemsworth that he would play his father George Kirk, who died in the first movie. It would be a time travel narrative. Unfortunately, progress on that fourth installment stalled a couple of years ago after contract negotiations with the two actors fell apart. Despite that setback, Paramount remains committed to making a new film in the series, and the actor is hoping to return.

In a recent interview, Chris Pine expressed an interest in returning to the franchise. He admitted that he doesn't know much about how Star Trek 4 is going, but would be willing to repeat as Captain Kirk:

“I'm like the last person to find out… I know Paramount is coming off having a little shakeup and a kind of major corporate shakeup. So hopefully when all that dust settles, something concrete will come out and we'll get to work. I would love to do it".

The problem is money.

Chris Pine's problems with his salary on Star Trek 4 stemmed from the film's budget concerns. The Star Trek movies were never big box office hits, especially compared to other space franchises, despite being generally well received. Star Trek: Beyond it had a particularly low gross, about $ 343 million on a budget of $ 185 million. For that reason Paramount tried to renegotiate the salaries of the actors to reduce costs. At the time, Chris Pine was coming off the success of Wonder woman 2017, which grossed $ 821 million worldwide. It is not surprising that the actor asked for a large salary, but his latest comments indicate that he is now willing to be flexible on this matter.

Hopefully they come to an agreement and we can see Star Trek 4 with Chirs Pine as Captain Kirk. | Cinema, comics and series