Christian Bale is ready for the filming of Thor: Love and Thunder

Actor Christian Bale has recently arrived in Australia and is already preparing for the filming of Thor: Love and Thunder.

The production of Thor: Love and Thunder seems to go smoothly. Recently both Chris Hemsworth how Natalie Portman They have commented on how excited they are for the movie and how different it will be from the previous ones. Hemsworth also confirmed that the recordings would take place at early 2021 and that they did not expect any delay. Now it appears that the cast is already arriving in Australia in preparation for filming.

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The Direct magazine has been able to confirm that the actor Christian bale has landed in Australia. Everything indicates that the actor is in Australia for him filming of Thor sequel. In the video leaked by the magazine you can only see Bale disembarking from a jet in the Sydney airport. And while there are still a couple of months to go before filming officially begins, he is most likely practicing and doing costume and camera fittings. So for the next few weeks or months we can expect that the rest of the cast also head to Australia.

The truth is that the signing of Christian bale with Marvel He surprised many fans of the actor and the comics. Especially because of the actor's past. It is not the first time that Bale is in charge of giving life to a comic book character since he played Batman in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. After hanging up the DC vigilante suit, the actor seemed convinced that he had turned the page. Bale confirmed not wanting to participate in more superhero movies. “I'm not interested in doing that right now… I can't remember seeing any superhero movies in my life. Apart from the ones I've done and the Christopher Reeves Superman movies. "

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But it seems that Christian Bale could make an exception for Marvel. At the moment it is unknown which character from the comics Bale will play. In Thor: Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth's Thor will once again be supported by Valkyrie and probably with that of Jane foster. So you are not expected to need new companions. Everything points to Bale going to play the Thor's new villain. But at the moment all are assumptions.

Nor is much known about the plot of the fourth installment of Thor. It will be based on the comics of Mighty thor and in it we will see Jane Foster taking the role of Thor. For her part, Natalie Portman would have confirmed that Jane Foster's fight against cancer and how she becomes a superhero would be seen. Director Taika waititi He already commented that they will not be completely faithful to the comics, as is already common in the MCU films and that anything can change at the last minute. "We do not know. Comics were a great inspiration and influence for the first sketches. But at Marvel we always change everything. I can say one thing now and in two years it will be the opposite or it will not exist. We continue to write even during post-production ”.

The fourth installment of Thor will begin filming in January 2021. Thor: Love and Thunder will be released on February 11, 2022. | Cinema, comics and series