Christian Bale ready to return as Batman on one condition

It has been rumored for some time that Christian Bale could have a cameo as Batman in The Flash movie, but it seems that he has put a condition.

The actor Christian bale gave life to Batman in the spectacular trilogy of the Dark Knight of Christopher Nolan. When the third installment ended, Warner Bros. made him a super offer (50 million dollars) to continue being Batman. But the actor rejected her because he wanted to leave the character and they rebooted the superhero with Ben affleck. Now will be Robert Pattinson Who protects Gotham City in a new independent story. But for some time, it has been rumored that the two actors mentioned together with Michael Keaton (who also played the role in the Tim Burton films), will have a cameo in The Flash.

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If all this comes true, it will be a real madness worth seeing. But for now it seems that things are not so clear and Christian Bale has put a condition for his eventual return as Batman.

He will only sign if Christopher Nolan approves of the plan.

According to the sources who guessed that Ben affleck I'd be back a month before it was announced Warner Bros. contacted Christian bale to see if you would be interested in appearing in The Flash. The actor is really willing to do it, but he has one great condition: he will only sign if Nolan, the director of the Dark Knight trilogy agrees. The relationship between the director and the film studio is very good, so there should be no major problem. It must be remembered that he even served as producer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and League of Justice (2017).

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You also have to remember that Christian bale has signed with Marvel studios to play a still unknown character from the movie Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). So that year it could be in the two biggest superhero film franchises.

Are you looking forward to seeing Christian Bale as Batman again? Even if it's just a small cameo, it is sure to delight DC Comics fans. | Cinema, comics and series