Christopher Nolan confirms that Tenet is not about temporary travel

Time travel is not the same as time investment, at least it is what the movie on Tenet by Christopher Nolan will explain to us.

The director of Interstellar (2014) and Origin (2010), Christopher Nolan, reaffirms that his new thriller Tenet "It's not a time travel movie," describing his latest work as a way to "treat time" through the concept of "investment." That is a key term that has been revealed in the most recent advance of the film, it is about "reversing the flow of time" and is used by the protagonist (John David Washington) when you talk to the character from Robert Pattinson, which questions the process of rewinding the "time travel".

The official synopsis of the movie Christopher Nolan describes to Tenet as an international espionage adventure that takes place "in something beyond real time". But "it is not a journey through time." Instead, it is "investment." If someone understands it, explain it to me. Let's hope that when we see the film, the viewers don't lie too long.

"Tenet is not a time travel movie," Christopher Nolan said in a recent interview. “It's about time and the different ways that time can work. It is not to enter a physics lesson, but the inversion is this idea of ​​the material that has inverted its entropy, reason why it is going back in time, in relation to us ”.

John David Washington previously admitted that he was surprised that the latest trailer for the film revealed clues to the plot.

"It is a piece of espionage that faces a global threat to the world," he said. Kenneth Branagh. “A nuclear holocaust is not the greatest disaster that could happen to the human race. Tenet discusses an even worse possibility, and is embroiled in this mind-blowing treatment of time that continues Christopher Nolan's concerns in movies from Memento, through Interstellar and Origin. ”

Like his character, John David Washington was left with many questions as he unveiled the secrets of Tenet, which is a key word in the plot of the film. During a recent promotional event hosted by Fortnite, the actor admitted that he repeatedly questioned Christopher Nolan about the film's history and timeline.

“Every day I had questions for him. But he was very nice and he answered them very calmly and patiently, ”said Washington. “It was important that the actors could trace the story correctly so that we could tell it in the best way possible, and Christopher Nolan was very patient with us. I say this with great courtesy (laughs). ” | Movies, comics and series