Christopher Nolan denied banning chairs on his filming

A few days ago, Anne Hathaway related that Christopher Nolan prohibited the use of chairs during the filming set. But, as expected, the team close to the director came out to deny this information.

Without a doubt, the statements he gave Anne Hathaway in recent days they did not go unnoticed. The actress, who worked with Christopher Nolan In The Dark Knight: The Legend is reborn and Interstellar has said that the director has the rule of prohibiting chairs in his filming: "His reasoning is that if you have chairs, people will sit down, and if they sit down they are not working".

But the team of Christopher Nolan He soon denied these statements. Its spokespersons have contacted IndieWire to clarify that Nolan does not prohibit chairs on his filming, although he does prohibit other things: “For the record, the only things prohibited on the filming of Christopher Nolan are mobile phones (not always possible ) and smoking (always possible) ”.

It was just a mistake

It turns out that Anne Hathaway was confused because it is Christopher Nolan himself who decides not to sit while working, but the manager does not apply this rule to the rest of the team: “The chairs that Anne referred to are those of the managers around the monitor, they are placed there based on the hierarchy and not because they are a physical necessity, ”continues the spokesperson, referring to the director's chairs, cinematographers and other department heads. Chris decides not to use hers but has never banned chairs on the set. The cast and crew can sit when and where they want and they do it frequently. ”

The actress's statements ran like wildfire causing criticism from moviegoers and journalists on social media. However, there were those who were already denying the rumor, such as a screenwriter who had been extra in La leyenda reborn and assured that there were many chairs and tables to sit, or several journalists who have visited the filming of the third installment of The Dark Knight or Interstellar and they also saw chairs. | Movies, comics and series

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