Christopher Nolan excited for Robert Pattinson's Batman

Tenet director Christopher Nolan has expressed his admiration for Robert Pattison and is excited to see him as Batman.

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan has admitted to being excited for Robert Pattinson's upcoming Batman movie. The Batman will be the next portrayal of the character since Ben Affleck took on the role of the caped crusader in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice of 2016.

Like many people around the world during the final months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christopher Nolan has had to grapple with the hardships generated by the pandemic. His new movie, Tenet, has recently been released in 70 countries and he's been struggling to keep its theatrical release, a fight that has seen the advent of the sci-fi thriller and espionage continually postponed. Announced as the box office success that will save theaters after the effects that the pandemic has caused in the entertainment and entertainment industry, Tenet has already received rave reviews from some media, including of course ours. To date, fans are happy with what appears to be another cerebral exploration of space and time. But while Tenet's popularity continues to grow, Nolan's previous work on The Dark Knight Trilogy remains his greatest achievement for many. Robert Pattinson, who stars in Tenet, will be the next to wear Batman's cape and hood, leaving fans wondering what Nolan would think of the actor's choice to bring the character to life.

In a new interview via YouTube channel, Singapore-based news network CNA, decided to raise the issue. Nolan admitted that when Pattison first learned that he would become DC's hero on the set of Tenet, he kept "a respectful silence" on the subject. But as time passed and the filming of Tenet was almost finished, conversations and jokes were made. Nolan spoke to Pattinson about the role and its physical aspects. He also admits that he was "excited" that Pattinson was cast and that he thinks the 34-year-old actor will do an amazing job:

“He certainly didn't ask me for any advice. We keep a respectful silence on the subject until very near the end of filming. We said a few things and we made a couple of jokes. We had a little conversation about the various things he was going to go through. But he was excited that he was chosen. I think he will do an incredible job and I am very excited to see what he does with that character. "

You can watch the interview below

Batman has been through many ups and downs on the way to production, Ben Affleck was going to star in, write, and direct the film. However, as time passed, this reality became increasingly unlikely until Affleck withdrew from the project entirely. It took some time but eventually Pattinson got the part. Since then, The Batman has been accelerating, although like all other productions that took place since March, the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic forced production to stop. Now filming once again, Matt Reeves' The Batman is set for October 21, 2021 as the release date. Whether Pattinson will hit the mark as Batman remains to be seen, but having worked a lot with him on Tenet, Nolan's belief that Pattinson will be an incredible Batman is likely to fill some skeptical fans who still think of the actor as Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga.

Something that has generated some debate among fans about whether Pattinson is working hard enough for his role in The Batman. Pattinson will finally look exactly how Reeves wants him to go for the part. Without knowing what the director has planned, any argument to the contrary is unfounded. And while Nolan is busy viewing Tenet's box office results, he is smart enough to recognize a great Batman when he sees one; in fact, it is indisputable that no other filmmaker is better prepared to make the decision of who he is or is not "He is going to be incredible as the Dark Knight." | Cinema, comics and series