Christopher Nolan explains the concept of Tenet

Tenet is one of Christopher Nolan's most ambitious films and, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated films to see in theaters.

The reality is that the concept of Tenet fascinates, but what impresses most cinematographically speaking are all those scenes that have inverted elements. You are probably now thinking about that sequence in the hallway that represents a new step in the shooting of melee, thanks to a more than innovative fight choreography. Without a doubt, Christopher Nolan has in his hands a film that could be consecrated as the best of the year.

In addition, Christopher Nolan, director and screenwriter of the film, explained a little about the concept of ‘Tenet’ and underlines that although the base resonates with the classic spy cinema, it was necessary to go a step further to “connect with the current viewer”. “The film deals with temporal inversion, a concept that defends that the entropy of an object or person can be inverted. It is very cinematic. It is something that must be seen in the cinema to experience it to the fullest ”, affirms this filmmaker, underlining that visual spectacularity is ideal for the big screen.

Give everything on stage

Of course, to give everything for the temporary investment, you had to get fully involved something that, according to the Tenet team, John David Washington did with great enthusiasm. "The training was crucial," says this interpreter. "There's never been a reverse punch before so how do you make it look real?" Says Washington, referring to some wildly complex action scenes that pushed him to the "edge." “It was very intense, and that was the exciting thing, that we had not seen these movements until now. Even specialists who have been doing this for years were learning. It was an exciting challenge ”.

Christopher Nolan's Tenet has already been released in some theaters and even Tom Cruise himself attended to see it. | Cinema, comics and series