Christopher Nolan's Tenet is about quantum war

New details about Christopher Nolan's movie Tenet, which will be about quantum warfare, something that has already started in today's world.

Operating on a level of secrecy generally seen only in Marvel or Star Wars movies, Warner Bros. has kept many details hidden surrounding the plot. In fact, even actor Michael Caine, who really appears in the movie, has no idea what's going on. For now, we know that Christopher Nolan's Tenet It is set in the world of international espionage, its characters are working to avoid some type of catastrophic event (World War III?). In addition there is time travel.

In January, Warner Bros. released the first Tenet trailer for Christopher Nolan that it failed to reveal much, while promoting its impressive cast that includes John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, and Michael Caine.

What is the movie about?

The marketing of Christopher Nolan's Tenet appears to be proceeding as planned, as a book on the film is available to pre-purchase from Amazon. The details of the plot are in the title: The secrets of Tenet: Inside Quantum Cold War by Christopher Nolan (Tenet's Secrets: Inside the Quantum Cold War). The description of the book does not provide more clues, apart from mentioning that it is an adventure that "doubles time". In addition, in the final sentence he describes the story as "a film that guarantees that it will last in the imagination in the future ... and perhaps the past."

What is quantum warfare?

Perhaps to understand Christopher Nolan's Tenet you have to know what is the Quantum war referred to in the book we just mentioned. Governments and the largest technology companies are developing quantum computers. These machines will be able to perform a brutal amount of operations, which current super computers are not capable of. This cold war between superpowers trying to get these computers is known as quantum supremacy. So in theory Christopher Nolan's Tenet will deal with that. In other words, a world where quantum technology is so advanced that it unites in espionage while allowing time travel.

The conclusion: If you have to know about quantum mechanics to understand Christopher Nolan's Tenet, average viewers are not going to find out anything. | Movies, comics and series

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