Conecta FICTION reboot prepares to start its 2nd Phase

Conecta FICTION will be managed with all the security measures agreed with Health of the Government of Navarra

Today the second phase of Conecta FICTION Reboot was presented at a press conference, which will take place from September 1 to 3 at Congress Palace and Auditorium of Navarra Baluarte in Pamplona-Iruña (Navarra). There the hybrid edition of the fiction series co-production event will take place that can also be followed on digital format, where it will be kept for all registered until September 11.

This morning's meeting, like the event itself, was celebrated with a hybrid character in which it has had the virtual presence of its director, Geraldine Gonard, and with the physical presence of Ignacio Apezteguia, General Director of Culture of the Government of Navarra, and Izaskun Goñi, General Director of Business Policy of the Government of Navarra. Also, Javier Lacunza, Director of NICDO, has been in charge of conducting the event.

After a brief greeting Javier Lacunza has addressed the security measures that are going to be implemented during the in-person event indicated that NICDO, the managing entity of the Baluarte Auditorium and Inside Content, the organizing company of Conecta FICTION Reboot, have worked on the operating protocols to ensure maximum security, in accordance with the indications of the Navarre Institute of Occupational Health. Beyond the usual considerations of distance, capacity limits or sanitation points, aspects such as traceability of access to rooms by attendees will be considered.

Ignacio Apezteguia has highlighted that ‘LThe physical or virtual presence of professionals from series productions from Europe and America thanks to Conecta FICTION is a great opportunity for the audiovisual sector in Navarra to expand, show its artistic and creative value and also stimulate itself. This edition, despite the difficulties of the pandemic, gives notoriety to local creators in a community that has shown great potential in the audiovisual sector "

For its part, Izaskun Goñi has highlighted "the flexibility of Conecta FICTION and its rapid capacity for technological adaptation that have allowed us to put Navarra back at the center of audiovisuals in the month of June and do it again now through this hybrid market, in which the presence and the virtual intermingle and sustain in a harmonious way '.

Geraldine Gonard, director of the event, thanked the Government of Navarra for the opportunity in June and September to create a community around Connect FICTION Reboot. "The sense of professional community that has developed is very strong, as is the commitment of many industry executives to have an active, face-to-face or virtual presence at Conecta. We as organizers want to reciprocate and we promise that we will discover a lot of talent, that we will be inspired by Conecta Keynotes by the great trajectory and experience of its protagonists and that, from the point of view of production as a business, we will address financing in detail and we will present interesting, new and exclusive data, from the hand of two of the most important media consultants in the television market. But above all, we are going to do everything possible so that our participants can regain contact at a level that facilitates decision-making and the production of new content ”.

The event director then gave a general tour of the Conecta FICTION Reboot program emphasizing the duality of access and that the contents are also specially developed to generate networking spaces, physical and virtual, and as an example, he mentioned the Cross-Talks Financing with investors, private online meetings called MEET-UP 1: 1 and sessions of speed datings 1: 5 with up to 5 participants and the Street-Meetings with Navarrese professionals. In addition, he recalled that through the web the participants can directly manage their agenda, view the Keynotes prerecorded with industry personalities and review the catalog with all projects of the pitching sessions. To these contents will be added the panels of Connect Live and other activities that take place in person and that will remain available to participants on the platform until September 11.

He also highlighted that there will be several moments of the event in which the platform will open giving universal access without registration to the whole world and that will allow you to see live on Wednesday, September 2, the Live Awards Gala from Baluarte as well as other activities that will be confirmed during the next few days. | Cinema, comics and series