Confirm the sequel to Inside the Labyrinth (1986) with a great director

The mythical 1986 film Inside the Labyrinth will have a sequel and for this they will have a great director who has worked at Marvel Studios.

Scott Derrickson Reputed director of horror movies, he was in charge of the first installment of Doctor strange (2016) from Marvel Cinematic Universe. Later he would prepare the sequel, but due to creative differences he left the project. Supposedly Sam Raimi He will be the new manager, but it is something that they have not yet confirmed. But it seems that Scott Derrickson has wasted no time as he will be in charge of the sequel to the legendary movie Inside the labyrinth (Labyrinth) 1986.

The director will take the helm of a sequel to Inside the Maze of Jim Henson for the TriStar Pictures studio, owned by Sony.

What was the original movie about?

A teenager named Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) he has to stay home to take care of his little stepbrother Toby. Tired of her tears, she asks the goblins to take him away. These creatures kidnap the little one and take him to the center of the Labyrinth in a magical kingdom full of fantasy. So Sarah full of regrets decides to cross that place to rescue him, but she has to do it before 13 hours, otherwise, the little one will become a goblin under King Jareth's orders (David Bowie).

Although Inside the Maze received a kind of mixed reception after its release, it is now considered a cult film. In addition, the story has expanded into comics, books and video games over the years. The sequel has been claimed for some time and after the success of the Dark Crystal series, now may be its time,

Maggie Levin (Into the Dark, My Valentine) will write the script for the sequel to Inside the Labyrinth, while Brian and Lisa Henson of The Jim Henson Company will produce. Scott Derrickson is also an executive producer with his frequent contributor, C. Robert Cargill.

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