Confirmed: The first preview of The Suicide Squad in late August

The Suicide Squad director James Gunn reveals that his movie's first teaser for his Warner Bros and DC will be released later this month.

James Gunn confirms that the first teaser for fans of The Suicide Squad will arrive later this month. After the adaptation of David Ayer by the DC Comics group, the next project will feature a cast that mixes new faces with those of Ayer's movie. Still, director James Gunn has done a great job keeping the film a secret, with little or no information released so far. But all that is going to change soon.

It is currently unknown how The Suicide Squad related to Yesterday's movie. As mentioned, only a few of the original cast members from the first movie will be participating, including Harley Quinn by Margot Robbie and Boomerang by Jai Courtney, meaning the movies are tied together. That said, it will be curious how they will explain the absence of Will Smith's Deadshot, a character who played a major role in the 2016 Suicide Squad. Some of these questions will soon be answered thanks to the upcoming DC FanDome event, which will serve as a platform for Warner Bros to promote your already confirmed projects and also announce news.

When asked on Twitter if he can honestly say the studio did not intrude on his version of The Suicide Squad, Gunn said directly that the public can expect his vision to hit the big screen. In addition, he also took the opportunity to promote the FanDome, confirming that fans will see it through the virtual event. Check out her full tweet below:

The question asked may seem strange, but considering what happened to David Ayer's version of Suicide Squad, it's understandable that fans are concerned. The director not only rushed to write the script for the 2016 movie because Warner Bros. has already chosen a release date, but he also made a huge contribution to his story stemming from the divided fan response to Batman V Superman: Dawn. of justice. This resulted in last minute reshoots that drastically changed the cut seen in movie theaters. It's also the reason why fans are now pushing for the Suicide Squad Yesterday Cut to come, just like the Justice League Snyder Cut. With Gunn confirming that there is no meddling in The Suicide Squad, it has become more interesting to watch, especially considering what he has done with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Ever since the main photography ended before the coronavirus pandemic forced to suspend productions, Gunn and his team have been busy editing the film. More or less, they have a full movie with a closed narrative; This means that the next footage to be released for The Suicide Squad will likely be a trailer rather than just a cut scene. That would be a great way to start marketing the movie, considering that there have been hardly any revelations of the movie, other than a list of actors and the movie's logo. Between this and the confirmation that Snyder will present a trailer for his Justice League at the DC FanDome, it appears that Warner Bros is doing everything possible to make the event a success. | Movies, comics and series