CONFIRMED! The Suicide Squad will have post-credits

Following a well-known Marvel Studios custom, James Gunn confirmed the existence of post-credits scenes from The Suicide Squad.

James Gunn has been one of the most talked about signings of DC Y Warner Bros., as the director was widely acclaimed for his work on the franchise of Marvel studios from Guardians of the Galaxy. Thus, after reaching the competition with the best scrolls, the filmmaker plans to transport some customs from his old job for his next projects. Between these, The Suicide Squad.

One of the clearest ideas that he sought to convey was to take with him several of the actors with whom he has already worked in the UCM for your next production. However, this would only be one of the items that you would copy.

Another feature that struck the writer a lot was that of bringing a tone between strong comedy and depth in the character design. This was very popular in his previous works. Now, working with antiheroes, it could work even more.

Finally, the soundtrack of the film promises to be very consistent with the theme and to make a big impact on the fans. It is known that the soundtrack was one of the most praised points of the Guardians of the Galaxy saga. Will you repeat the merits?

Thus, Gunn took one more tradition from ‘The House of Ideas’ for his current feature film and that is to place material after the credits.

The news was confirmed by the same developer. He himself published in his personal account of Twitter which will include sequences after the credits. However, he called for more attention to be paid to other details.

“I hope this is not the most important question. I think that the film as such, by itself, is what matters most… But yes ”. These were the words of the creative after the question of a user in said social network.

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