Constantine to have new J. J. Abrams movie

Warner Bros. has big plans for the DC Comics characters and director J. J. Abrams will be in charge of the new adaptation of Constantine.

They are developing some kind of project of the Dark Justice League for HBO Max, but it seems that Warner Bros. has big plans for the characters on this team. Since recently the news broke that we will see Zatanna soon in the cinema and now they are reaching an agreement so that J. J. Abrams produce a new movie of Constantine.

Bad Robot will reportedly serve as the production company, while J. J. Abrams himself is linked as a producer. They note that "the film will have a feel and tone similar to that of other current Bad Robot projects, including the Justice League show Dark HBO Max and the Zatanna film."

The film will have nothing to do with the Keanu Reeves adaptation.

In 2005, an adaptation of Constantine starring Keanu ReevesThat movie was not faithful to the material in the comics, yet it grossed over $ 230 million with a budget of $ 100 million.

In character he also had his chance on television and they did a series that only lasted a season, on that occasion it was Matt Ryan who played it, whose appearance was much more like the comics than Keanu Reeves. Although he was not very successful, the character made the jump to the Arrowverse and his impact was much greater. So after two versions, let's hope that J. J. Abrams manages to make the best adaptation possible.

Constantine was created by Alan Moore and the cartoonist Stephen Bissette. He is a detective of the occult, but he also stands out for being a magician specialized in Necromancy and Demonology. Do you want to see this character from DC Comics at the cinema? Leave us your comments below. | Movies, comics and series