Controversy goes wrong for Netflix for the first time

La polémica le sale mal por primera vez a Netflix

Netflix does not mind using aggressive advertising to create controversy and thus sell its content, but with the movie Cuties the play has gone wrong.

The platform Netflix posted a poster of Cuties which caused a lot of controversy at the time. If he hadn't done this, the French film would probably have gone unnoticed in international markets. But the image sexualized the girls and there were attacks on all sides.

The company has since issued a public apology for its public relations mistake. While Cuties It has only earned negative headlines and petitions have also been launched for it to be removed from the platform. Not forgetting that there is a social media movement that also encourages customers to cancel their subscriptions entirely. Clearly, this was not what Netflix had in mind when they bought the rights to the award-winning drama. The movie is still scheduled to arrive next Wednesday, if the furor doesn't die down, then chances are high that it will end up being much more damaging than they had calculated.

There are also people who defend the film.

Tessa thompson defended Cuties while criticizing questionable marketing tactics, only to be attacked by Twitter users for her opinion, despite the fact that the Thor: Ragnarok she's seen it in its entirety and the people attacking her probably haven't. Meanwhile, the director Maimouna Doucoure admitted that she had received death threats despite having nothing to do with the poster, which is definitely not what the young filmmaker had imagined when she received the Directing Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival at the beginning of this year.

Now, there is more bad news for Netflix, the Turkish government ordered that Cuties be blocked in the country. After the transmission control body marked it for reasons of censorship. And something tells us that they will not be the only ones to do it. Because girls were sexualized first with a poster, but the content of the film can still offend many. So the campaign to get people to unsubscribe can continue to grow. | Cinema, comics and series