Critique of The New Mutants: Where's the Terror?

After a long time, the movie The New Mutants has finally been released, which is about 5 young people with powers.

Attention SPOILERS. Since they started shooting the movie of The New Mutants They have tried to sell it to us as a horror movie. In fact, it was to be the first film in the superhero genre where viewers would be scared. But after many changes, the end result is a little decaf. Although it is quite entertaining and is a worthy farewell to the FOX mutants, before moving on to Marvel Cinematic Universe, what is clear is that it is not scary.

The story is quite simple, 5 mutant teenagers who have awakened their powers, have been locked up in a kind of institution so that they are not a danger to themselves or others. The arrival of Danielle Moonstar (Blu Hunt) will cause everyone to be in danger and they must learn to work as a team.

If it had created a very claustrophobic atmosphere and also had real terror, surely the movie would have been much better. We do not know if they have cut a lot of footage, since it lasts quite little and the moments of nightmares are very rare. So they may shoot more terrifying scenes that we never see. So although it is quite good and outperforms the latest installments of the X MenIt does not deliver everything we were promised. But if you're looking for a teen movie, style The club of five (1985) but with powers, you are sure to love it The New Mutants.

The New Mutants It has a great cast, since the 5 young protagonists are as different as they are interesting and although at the beginning they have their frictions, when the film ends you are left wanting to be able to see them again together. Although that for now is impossible.

These are the protagonists.

Maisie williams (Game of Thrones) plays Rahne Sinclair, she has the ability to transform into a wolf. It has highly developed senses, which allow it to see in the dark, to smell people at a great distance, and a great ear.
Anya Taylor-Joy (Multiple) plays Illyana Rasputin, she can be transported to a place called Limbo where she seems to be safe. In addition, his arm transforms as if it were a demonic armor while invoking a powerful sword that emits a blue light.
Charlie heaton (Stranger Things) plays Sam Guthrie, he emits very powerful vibrations and can fly. The problem is, he's still not in control of his powers and they deal a lot of damage when he tries to upgrade.
Blu hunt (The Originals) plays Danielle Moonstar, she makes the biggest nightmares of those around her come true. This endangers everyone as he does not control his powers.
Henry Zaga (For thirteen reasons) he plays Roberto da Costa, he can turn his body into fire. He does not like to use his power because it brings back very bad memories of his past.
Alice braga (Elysium) plays Dr. Reyes, she is the one who watches over the young mutants and ensures that they do not escape because she can create very powerful energy fields.

If there is one thing that the movie of The New Mutants It is because of the chemistry that exists between all the actors, since there are moments of fight and mistrust, but they develop relations between them in a quite natural way and that history is quite grateful.

Maybe it is hard to start a little at the beginning, but little by little the thing is animated and has great special effects and good action, especially at the end. So if you like teen superhero movies you have to see The New Mutants. | Cinema, comics and series