Cult Cinema: 30 years after the premiere of Total Challenge (1990)

It's been 30 years since Total Challenge was released a science fiction and action film directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Typical question: Can you see Total Challenge (1990) today or has it lost quality over the years? The great success of this movie Paul Verhoeven is his interpretation of the plot. It can be reasonably concluded that their events are real or simply an implanted lucid dream. Something that could be taken to its premiere moment, since many considered it a brilliant science fiction movie and others simply believed that it was something superficial. But over time it is undeniable that it has become a unique piece of cult cinema.

At the box office he obtained great figures since he collected 261 million dollars with a budget of 65 million. Curiously, the 2012 version infinitely worse, only got 198 million dollars with a budget of 125 million.

What is the movie about?

Inspired by the story of Philip K. Dick We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (We can remember that for you wholesale), the movie Total Challenge went through a hell of development for over a decade before finding a protagonist how it was Arnold schwarzenegger. It was precisely he who convinced Paul Verhoeven to lead, while negotiating enormous veto powers over the entire project, ensuring that the final product was more attractive to his creative vision. In fact, he also convinced Sharon Stone to play the role of his wife.

The plot follows the construction worker named Douglas Quaid, as he has a recurring dream about his death on Mars. Bored with his life, he visits a memory implant center and requests a memory of being a secret agent on the Red Planet. However, something goes wrong, as Quaid seems to have some pent-up memories already hidden. Suddenly, law enforcement officers begin to stalk Quaid, and he realizes that he cannot trust anyone. Not even his wife.

So start an exciting journey to discover what truth is real. Is he a spy with hidden memories or is it all part of the experience that the company offers him.

The film served as inspiration for other stories.

Future films of a similar nature, such as The Matrix (1999), have been inspired by Total Challenge. Since the parallels between the scene of Dr. Edgemar (Roy Brocksmith) offering Quaid a red pill to awaken from “sleep” are evident, and the same scene between Morpheus and Neo also when he has to choose between a blue and a red pill .

So to the initial question of whether ... Can you see Total Challenge today (1990) or has it lost quality over the years? The answer is that it is still a great science fiction and action movie. And from we recommend that you give him a new opportunity. | Movies, comics and series