Cuties movie makes Netflix lose subscribers

The great controversy over the film Cuties still continues. For this tape, Netflix lost a large number of subscribers.

Cuties was a trend on social networks since Netflix began promoting it with a poster that outraged the public. This showed its protagonists with a hypersexualized style being that they are only girls. Social media users were so shocked that they created the campaign #CancelNetflix and they have even made requests online for the film to be removed from the catalog. Many of these threatened to cancel their subscription if their demand was not met, and it seems that they are complying. It was recently reported that the platform had the largest loss of users.

Cuties hit the Netflix platform last week. Following the release of the film, an increase in the churn rate from users began to register. This information was collected by YipitData. However, subscription cancellations did not stop on that day as on Saturday, September 12, Netflix's cancellation rate in the United States rose to almost eight times higher than the average daily levels recorded in August 2020, reaching a maximum. multi-year, the data analytics provider told Variety.

The chaos that Netflix lives

These ‘abandonment rates’ occur daily and are very common among users who cancel their subscription to a streaming platform or content on demand. However, what is happening with Netflix because of Cuties, is that it has exceeded the abandonment rates that they had recorded throughout the year. The hashtag #CancelNetflix continues to be a trend, which is expected that in the following days, Americans will continue to cancel their membership to this platform.

Despite the boycott against Cuties, the platform has remained firm and has defended the inclusion of it in its catalog, encouraging those who have denounced the film to see it first. | Cinema, comics and series