Daniel Bruhl talks about the Zemo mask

Actor Daniel Bruhl will reprise his role as Zemo in the Marvel series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and now talks about his character.

The movie Captain America: Civil War focused on the battle of the heroes of Marvel that led to the momentary separation from the Avengers. One of the great culprits of all that conflict was Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), a very minor villain within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but who had a plan that he executed perfectly.

Now the actor Daniel Bruhl she will repeat her role in the television series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to be released in Disney +. Something that surprised a lot about this character is that Marvel Studios changed his origin a lot with respect to comics. In addition, it did not wear its characteristic mask, something that will happen in the series of the streaming platform.

"It was fun because The Alienist: Angel of Darkness was the first time that I went back to repeating something and went back to the same project again, to continue playing that character," said Daniel Bruhl in a recent interview.

“And then, while I was filming Angel of Darkness, I received the news that they wanted me to come back to film The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I remember Kari Skogland, the director, came to Budapest and we recorded something with me being Zemo, and I was very happy and excited to see the mask. I was incredibly excited to come back because I remember having so much fun being in something completely different and being able to explore UCM and be a part of it. I have the best memories of collaborating with all these wonderful actors, and going back to see Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, this time, and going back to something that, on the one hand, felt common and familiar, and on the other hand, was something completely new and different ”. Daniel Bruhl concluded.

The series will be filming again soon.

After the break caused by the Coronavirus, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier They are preparing to resume production this summer in Atlanta, having halted their work in mid-March.

"We were affected by the coronavirus while we were filming the show, so we hope to be able to return very soon," says Daniel Bruhl. “We couldn't finish and finish it. That is still something we have to do. We keep our fingers crossed to make it happen as soon as possible. ”

The series was originally slated to launch on Disney + in August. A new release date has yet to be reported. But it is unlikely that we will see the first episodes of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the coming months. Do you want to see Daniel Bruhl wearing the Zemo mask? Leave us your comments below.

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