Danny DeVito reacts to Michael Keaton returning as Batman

Actor Danny DeVito was alongside Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's 1991 film Batman Returns, playing The Penguin.

Danny devito He's been in Hollywood for a long time. Lately he has combined his work in film with television since in 2019 we could see him on Dumbo and Jumanji: The Next Levelwhile he did the series Hanging in Philly and The Kominsky method. Another big box office hit that DeVito lent his talent to was Batman returns, playing one of the Dark Knight's arch enemies (Michael Keaton), The Penguin.

News broke recently that Warner Bros wanted Michael Keaton will return as Batman in the new movies, after Flash alter the timelines. So they asked Danny devito what he thought about it.

“I think it's great. I think it's a great series and I think it's a wonderful story and it's very funny and full of energy. I loved Oswald Cobblepot and I love Tim Burton. We made four or five movies together. I can't wait for him to come up with the next one, whatever we're going to do together. "

The Penguin will also return to theaters.

Even if Danny devito do not return to the superhero cinema, at least for now, your mythical villain will have a new film adaptation. As Colin farrell will play Oswald cobblepot in The Batman, a 2021 film directed by Matt reeves and that it will restart Batman again with Robert Pattinson protagonist.

So they plan a standalone Robert Pattinson Batman trilogy on the one hand and Michael Keaton returning for the DCEU movies on the other hand. So he could join Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash or Cyborg and thus replace Ben Affleck.

While Danny DeVito will lend his voice to the movie Little Demon, where he will play Satan.

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