Daredevil will be played by a new actor in Spider-Man 3

Bad news for fans of actor Charlie Cox as Daredevil as he won't be in the Marvel movie Spider-Man 3.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe it is the largest saga in cinema and is now being expanded by the streaming platform Disney +. The studio wants to meet the demands of fans, but for now it seems impossible that Charlie Cox repeat the role of Daredevil in Spider-Man 3. Since it must be a legal mess of right of the character quite important. So they will repeat the strategy they used with Peter Parker or Bruce Banner / Hulk, which added them to their movies but completely rebooted them.

Meanwhile, since Netflix canceled all of its Marvel shows, most people speculated it was only a matter of time until the heroes appeared at the UCM, especially with rights already expired or set to do so sometime this year (depending on who you ask). Of the four Defenders, Daredevil has been the sole subject to most rumors of his impending reboot, and even Marvel was said to be interested in keeping Charlie Cox like the man without fear.

However, now the sources that hit the She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows were in the works for Disney +, and that a Witcher prequel is coming to Netflix, all of which is correct, they say that if the studio wants to use Daredevil in one of his upcoming projects, then he can only do it with another actor.

Matt Murdock yes, Charlie Cox no.

Marvel still reportedly wants him to Daredevil appear in Spider-man 3, but it is said that the contract of Charlie Cox it's with Netflix And not with the show itself, which means that if they want it that bad, Marvel will have to buy it or wait for it to expire. Since the streaming giant is apparently now playing hard when it comes to letting the stars out of their contracts, which means Marvel will have to use a new version.

While a final decision has yet to be made, the news that Spider-Man 3 has suffered another minor delay means there is now extra time for the two sides to reach an agreement. But for now there is very little chance that Charlie Cox will be in the movie Spider-Man 3 as Daredevil.

Would you like to see Charlie Cox as Daredevil in Spider-Man 3 or is a reboot better? Leave us your comments below.

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