Dark Phoenix director says UCM is childish and unserious

A new fight is coming between the UCM and the X-Men franchise. Recently, the director of Dark Phoenix revealed that the Marvel Universe seems quite childish to him and also not serious.

Although the rivalry of Marvel and DC It is quite well known, there is also a confrontation around the adaptations of Marvel in the cinema. There are fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) and those who prefer adaptations of X Men Fox produced in the first two decades of the 21st century. Now the cinematic universe of mutants has ended and it only remains to be released The New Mutants. While awaiting the eternal arrival of this film, the director of Dark Phoenix took the opportunity to launch some darts.

Simon Kinberg, who was also a co-writer and producer for The Fantastic 4 and director of X-Men: Dark Phoenix (the worst box office failure in the franchise), he spoke to IGN (via Comic Book) and when he touched on the subject of X-Men: Days of Future Past, time travel and Avengers: Endgame, referred to UCM in terms that some might interpret as derogatory, although if we read them carefully we will see that this is not necessarily the case.

A new confrontation

When asked about the UCM, Director of Dark Phoenix He said the following: “I think the tone of the MCU in general, with few exceptions, is slightly less serious than that of the X-Men movies. What we did with the X-Men movies was try to create something that was a little bit more, I guess I would almost call it 'operatic' or 'dramatic', even almost 'melodramatic'. While MCU movies are by far much funnier, more light-hearted, it's not that they don't have their serious moments too, and obviously Endgame does have some very serious moments, but the way they handled time travel seems to me to be in line with the general tonality of his films. While I think this (Days of Future Past) fits the tone of what we do more. ”

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