David Ayer regretted the bullying Jared Leto received by the Joker

Years go by but Jared Leto's Joker continues to be mocked and criticized. On this occasion, David Ayer, director of The Suicide Squad, spoke about this controversy.

By now, fans don't know what to think about David Yesterday and his version of The Suicide Squad. The director kept saying that the failure of the film is due to the great changes he made Warner Bros. Recently the Joker of Jared Leto It was again a topic of conversation on social networks and the filmmaker decided to talk about the criticism received by the character and the actor who gave him life.

The whole theme of Joker and Jared Leto revived because of a fan theory. These say that the tattooed laugh on the villain's hand was because Batman he ruined his smile when he beat him up in revenge for the murder of Robin / Jason Todd. Following this, a follower of the movie David Yesterday He commented that those who criticized the "ingenious" tattoo were because they did not understand it. Quickly, the director replied as a simple "exactly", which could make us wonder if he only took advantage of a theory that justifies one of the most criticized elements or if that theory really hit upon the original intentions he had when making The Suicide Squad.

Regrets the bullying that arose

Although we are not sure about the tattoo of the Joker, whether it was intentional or not, what is known is that David Yesterday he is very sorry for the bullying he received Jared Leto when interpreting this version of the character. On several occasions, he has expressed regret about various aspects of The Suicide Squad, and he has attributed the failure of the film to the intervention of the study. After answering "exactly" about the tattoo theory, another fan commented:

Despite how much some DCEU fans love Jared's Joker, he was too creepy to sympathize with, and his looks didn't convince everyone like Batfleck, appearances matter. David, you're dealing with nerds who don't like Henry's (Cavill) Superman because he doesn't wear shorts, you know that? ”

What David Yesterday answered the following: “Of course character creation is a tightrope. I was inspired by current DC comics. I find it incredible that it is still a theme 5 years later. My heart breaks for Jared Leto: he did a magnificent job. Most of it remains hidden. ” As if all this hatred Jared receives is little, James Gunn He revealed which is his favorite Joker and the actor is not listed. An unlucky boy.

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