David Benzal designs the poster for VAMPUS HORROR TALES

Argot Films presents the first official poster of Vampus Horror Tales designed by illustrator David Benzal

David Benzal signs the first poster of VAMPUS HORROS TALES, a horror film that will be presented next Sunday, October 11 at the Sitges International Fantastic Cinema Festival, which today starts a few minutes of footage from the film.

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Vampus Horror tales, whose world premiere will be at the Isla Calavera Fantastic Film Festival, which will be held from November 13 to 21 in Tenerife, tells four stories directed by four noble directors, Manuel Martínez Velasco, Isaac Berrocal, Erika Elizalde and Piter Moreira. In addition, it also has the direction of Víctor Matellano who also acts as the creative producer of the film. The film has a script by Yolanda García Serrano, Victoria Vázquez, Ignacio López-Vacas, Isaac Berrocal, Piter Moreira, Diego Arjona and Víctor Matellano.

Starring Saturnino García as Vampus, the film also features Nacho Guerreros, Félix Gómez, Montse Plá, Elena Furiase, Diego Arjona, Erika Sanz, Dunia Rodríguez, Luis Hacha, Daniela Dardanelli, Almudena León, Rafa Rodrigo, David M. Santana, Marian Clar, Gus Cantolla, Alberto Rivas, Marina Romero, Sergio Morcillo and the special collaborations of José Lifante, Africa Gozalbes, Miguel Molina, Lone Fleming and Antonio Mayans.

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Voice of Héctor Cantolla, Carlos Areces and Víctor Clavijo. The story follows Mr. Fettes (Saturnino García) a particular guardian of the cemetery, a sinister being who keeps many secrets. He buries the dead by day and unearths them at night for unspeakable purposes. He likes to be called Vampus and to read horror comics, especially love stories, understood in his necrophilous way.

Vampus introduces us to four of those stories that take place in a lost house in the mountains, in a sinister amusement park, in a unique wedding hall and in a world beset by a strange pandemic.

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