DC Comics Proves The Dark Knight Trilogy Wrong

The Dark Knight trilogy are arguably some of the best superhero genre films of all time, but their ending is at odds with DC Comics.

Attention SPOILERS. The latest comics from Batman have shown why the end of "Happily ever after" of the trilogy of The dark knight of Christopher Nolan That's wrong. These three films redefined Batman for a generation of viewers, and it had a huge impact on the superhero genre as a whole. The director based his trilogy on realism, and fans of DC Comics They appreciated it enormously, but that ending does not fit the story of the real Batman from the comics.

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The end of the Dark Knight trilogy couldn't be more wrong. Since the city of Gotham He believed that Batman had sacrificed himself to save them from a nuclear explosion, but he actually got out on time. The reveal was expertly handled, culminating in a scene where Alfred clearly overjoyed he saw Bruce wayne sitting at a table with Selina Kyle. They had left Gotham, accepting that their time in the city was over, and the witness had passed on to the next generation of heroes. Bruce Wayne was finally able to live the life in peace that Alfred had always dreamed of for him. But ... can Batman find peace?

DC Comics Proves The Dark Knight Trilogy Wrong

The reality of the comics is very different.

Batman # 101 of James Tynion IV is a sad counterpoint to the The Dark Knight trilogy, confirming that this kind of happy ending can never happen in the comics. There are striking parallels between this story and the one posed by Nolan. Both show Batman that he is entering a kind of autumnal period of his life, which is no longer at its peak. But, unlike the third movie, in the comic Batman can never retire. The point is poignant, with Catwoman offering Batman a chance to move on at last.

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"You could just let it go," Catwoman suggests. “Leave Gotham with me. We could both take on new identities. Start a new life in a completely different place. Be something new ”. Batman's response is simple: "You know I can't do that, Selina."

This is the heartbreaking truth that Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy did not present. As much as Batman may love Catwoman, fighting crime in Gotham is his true passion. He has given his heart to this broken and fragile city, and he will never be able to move on. This truth is all the more painful given that Batman is becoming public enemy number one in Gotham, as he is accused of the rising tide of violence by a mayoral candidate creating an anti-vigilante platform. If this is romance, Batman is turning into an abandoned, discarded, and unwanted lover.

DC Comics recently announced the “Future State” initiative, a two-month-long event that will launch in January 2021. While it is unclear exactly how all of these stories will tie into the main comics, trailers for Batman suggest the end result . Since Gotham will become relentlessly hostile towards Batman, and it is believed that Bruce wayne was murdered. The story of Batman is not a fairy tale, with a "happily ever after." Rather, it is a tragedy and can only end one way. Something very different from what was raised by the trilogy of The Dark Knight.

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