DC Comics' SnyderVerse Finds Valuable Ally

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson reportedly instructed his team that he needs Henry Cavill and DC Comics' Snyderverse for his film.

The movement to restore the SnyderVerse, and advance the Justice League trilogy that Zack Snyder had in mind, may have found a valuable ally for the cause: Black Adam himself, Dwayne Johnson. In recent months, multiple rumors have emerged claiming that The Rock is doing everything in its power to convince Warner Bros to bring back the Zack Snyder DCEU. And luckily for the fans, he has a lot of power.

Johnson is known to have creative control of the Black Adam franchise, thanks to his role as the film's producer and his enormous influence on Hollywood as a whole. It's even been claimed that you can override WB executives on certain things, as AT&T doesn't want to upset you. Given this, The Rock is said to be committed to bringing back Henry Cavill's Superman and other elements of the old DCEU in Black Adam and its sequels.

Dwayne Johnson Instructions for Bringing Back the Snyderverse

The place Small Screen contacted alleged close contacts of the star, and they claimed that Johnson loved the Snyder Cut and saw it in one go. When he finished, he apparently messaged "his team" and told them how important it was to get Henry Cavill's Man of Steel to join the project.

“Dwayne Johnson texted his team and said, We need Henry in our movie. We need the SnyderVerse. "

Small Screen writes that The Rock feels its vision for Black Adam "will only be adequately fulfilled if the SnyderVerse can continue." We know the star is also a good friend of Cavill and has wanted to work with him for years, but it is also claimed that he is "a huge fan" of the other Justice League stars and is willing to get Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, and Jason Momoa join the Black Adam universe. Johnson is also said to be looking forward to the opportunity to perform alongside Jeremy Irons.

Black Adam is currently in production, shooting in Atlanta before it hits theaters on July 29, 2022. And as Dwayne Johnson likes to remind us, the hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change.

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