DC Fandome: The Sequel to Shazam! already has an official title

There wasn't much of Shazam! that the sequel team at the DC FanDome could share, but they were able to reveal what their title will be

The Shazam! It was a lot of fun at DC FanDome, but someone was expecting some major reveal, they were likely to be disappointed. To be fair, the cameras are not ready to start rolling in the sequel, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the studio to change its release date from April 2022 to November of that same year. However, there was a big surprise!

David F. Sandberg, who a few days ago released a fake poster in which he joked about the delay of the film and that the younger protagonists had facial hair, opened the panel of the DC Fandome anticipating that no one from the team would reveal anything about the plot .

Zachary Levi was joined by sequel co-stars Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer, and they revealed that the sequel will be titled Shazam! Fury of the gods.

Considering the fact that we've been under the impression that the “Marvel Family” will be fighting Mister Mind and Dr. Sivana, it's hard not to wonder what this title could mean for the continuation of Shazam! While it is still possible for them to face off against the Evil Monster Society, the stakes are most likely a bit higher, and it is possible that "fury" refers to another God: Black Adam.

Keep in mind that Black Adam will be released before Shazam! Clash of the Gods, though it seems a bit early for a crossover between the two characters.

On the other hand it was also confirmed that David Adkins comedian known as Sinbad will be part of the cast of the next film. Adkins scoffed at the old internet rumor that he starred in a 1990s comedy about a genius named Shazaam, which was actually mistaken for the 1996 film Kazaam starring Shaquille O'Neal as a genius. “I am going to work right now to rectify the situation once and for all with an important and prominent role in Shazam! 2, ”Sinbad said. That said, Sinbad did not reveal who he will play in the film.

Among the other cast members who appeared on the panel are Meagan Good and Adam Brody. Adkins' surprise addition to the cast and the official title were the only news about the sequel to the DC superhero. Levi began the panel by explaining that there was little he could talk about, and Sandberg declined to reveal who exactly the 'gods' are referred to in the title.

Sinbad's meta casting may have initially confused fans, as it was unclear at first if the moment of the surprise panel was a joke or not. Considering that the Shazaam / Kazaam theory has sparked numerous discussions on the internet for some time, fans are likely to be very excited about this casting. While the plot of Shazam! Fury of the gods remains hidden; hopefully more details about Sinbad's character will be revealed soon.

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