DC movies and series could have more crossovers

Great news for DC fans. Apparently, there could be more crossovers between The CW series and the movies that hit theaters.

Crisis on Infinite Earths, the DC television event that was held last December, came from the hand of a more than ambitious cameo: that of Ezra Miller playing Flash, a first wink that, according to the president of DC Films Walter Hamada , you will not be alone for long. And it is that apparently the DC Extended Universe would like to bet on more crossovers between its films and series, a possibility very close to the introduction of the multiverse that will come from the hand of The Flash.

It was in the framework of the DC FanDome, during the panel 'Multiverse 101', when Jim Lee, creative director and editor, Hamada, and Greg Berlanti, producer of the multiple DC series on The CW, spoke about the multiverse that it would connect the different realities of all DC narratives, regardless of whether the medium is film or television. Thus, this team of creatives would be thinking about the potential of opening the narrative in a way that transcends the media, which would translate into a cross between the films and the television fictions of DC.

Hamada assured that, although The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths closed the television multiverse for the moment, a future crossover is not at all ruled out because the one starring Grant Gustin and Miller “has opened the door for us to do more crossovers. I think that in the future there are more opportunities to do things like that. The president of DC Films also spoke about the importance of the multiverse even within DC's own films. “The multiverse allows you to tell great stories and does not tie you to a single continuity. It just opens doors for us in a way that we couldn't count on if we only had a single universe. "

More crossovers on the way

The fourth episode of 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' came with a great surprise included, the crossing between the television Flash and the cinematographic Flash, a cameo that drove fans of the factory series crazy and marked a before and after in what its crossovers are concerned. Now Berlanti has revealed that that scene was added at the last minute; and that the episode was already shot and being edited when Marc Guggenheim wrote the moment, which was largely improvised on set, including the unexpected origin of the movie's superhero nickname 'The Flash'. “Ezra's Flash has never been called Flash in the movies. It gets its name from Grant [Gustin], ”Lee said.

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