Deadpool 2 was fined $ 300,000

After the tragic death of Joi SJ Harris, Zazie Beetz's stunt double, Deadpool 2 must comply with the orders of Justice and pay a fine of $ 300,000.

The producers of Deadpool 2 will have to pay a fine of $ 289,562.63 for the death of the action scenes specialist Joi Harris in August 2017. The fine for "failure to ensure the health and safety of all workers ”According to Comic Book, it has been put up by WorkSafeBC, the Canadian Occupational Safety Administration. His intention with this fine is "to motivate employers who receive it, and other employers, to comply with occupational health and safety requirements and to keep workplaces safe."

Joi SJ Harris died while performing a motorcycle scene as Zazie Beetz's double Domino. He had to go down some stairs on the bike, but he lost control and hit a building. Filming stopped. Before the event, Ryan Reynolds had said to be "heartbroken, in shock and devastated." The team claimed that Harris was perfectly capable of doing the action scene, but the problem was that he recorded the action scene without a helmet.

An agreement with the family

20th Century Fox later reached an agreement with Joi Harris' family for an amount that was not disclosed. The family's lawyer said at the time that "they had dealt with this in a very responsible way." It seemed that everything had ended there, but the Canadian authorities have wanted to add this fine to teach a lesson.

Deadpool 2 ended up premiering in May 2018 with a dedication to Joi Harris in the credits. It raised $ 785.79 million worldwide. Meanwhile, the franchise decided to go ahead and recently Ryan Reynolds said that Deadpool in Marvel movies will be "explosive". | Movies, comics and series