Deadpool and Spider-Man will be together in the same movie

Marvel Studios is creating a lot of hype around everything it has to release, including a movie that will bring together Deadpool and Spider-Man.

If there are two characters that must be in the same movie, those are Deadpool and Spider-Man. Besides the actor Ryan reynolds he's under pressure to make that happen. Since after 2 deliveries under the FOX banner, he will be the only mutant to continue his story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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We have already reported that Marvel studios presented a super contract to Ryan reynolds that would make him the highest paid actor, so we would see him play Wade Wilson / Deadpool in numerous movies and series Disney +. But the actor seems to be setting certain conditions to sign. One of them is to share screen with Tom holland and so Deadpool and Spider-Man they will be together in the same movie.

A very different relationship than what we have seen so far.

If all the predictions of this new information are fulfilled, Deadpool and Spider-Man will have a very different relationship than Peter parker has had with Iron Man / Tony Stark or the one we will see soon with Doctor Strange. Since they function as mentors, to make him a better hero.

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However, sources are commenting that Deadpool and Spider-Man together they will be more like Star Lord and Rocket. Since they will argue and even face each other to see which is the best hero, but in the hardest moments they will not hesitate to work together and defeat whatever is put in front of them.

Spider-man 3 (2021) that will have the appearance of Doctor Strange and Elector, for now it does not seem that it will be where we will see Deadpool. Instead, their first meeting would be in the movie Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness (2022). Since it has been confirmed that Tom holland will have a cameo like Peter parker.

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