Deleted scene from Avengers: Infinity War between Hulk and Black Widow

The Avengers: Infinity War movie had a lot of deleted scenes that we didn't see. Like the first time the Hulk and Black Widow have met.

At the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Hulk is defeated by Thanos, but luckily he is sent to Earth by Heimdall. He arrives at the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange turned into Bruce Banner. So we don't see the green giant again in the rest of the movie. Not even when the fight in Wakanda is complicated. But curiously in the trailers we did see the Hulk at that time, since they shot some scenes that were removed. Now we can see how his first meeting with Black Widow was.

In one of the first versions of Avengers: Infinity War, Bruce Banner was to transform into "Smart Hulk" during the final battle, literally coming out of the Hulkbuster's armor to eliminate Cull Obsidian. Marvel Studios and the Russo brothers finally decided to take things in a different direction. But instead, we already saw it transformed into the intelligent version of the green giant in Avengers: Endgame (2019)

However, in this deleted scene, we see the consequences of the Hulk's transformation, as he reunites with Black Widow and Falcon as the battle for Wakanda continues.

Reasons why they dismissed this scene

It's an emotional sequence in many ways, but the Russo brothers have previously explained that they felt having a victory like this in the final battle took too much away from the team's eventual defeat at the hands of Thanos. So the Hulk didn't appear at the end, prompting the meeting with Black Widow throughout the entire movie. Avengers: Infinity War It will be quite cold. Since it is a relationship that they have not been able to explore, beyond what happened in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). | Movies, comics and series