Disney, Fox and Paramount could go to court for the use of certain technology

Disney, 20th Century Fox and Paramount face a lawsuit from CGI company Rearden that could affect their profits

The use of CGI and other image capture technologies are the order of the day. More and more production companies are using them for live action or animation films. In recent years, Disney has been sued for the illicit use of this type of technology. The Silicon Valley company, Rearden which specializes in a r softwarefacial recognition demand to Disney, 20th Century and Fox and Paramount and demands that part of the profits from its films be shared.

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Readern's lawsuit against these three companies has been going on for years. The company developed an image capture software that rose to fame for being used in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Later it was used in blockbusters of the size of Harry Potter Y Transformers. The problem arises when one of Rearden's former employees takes some of this MOVA technology and illegally transfers it to other Hollywood special effects companies. This is why Rearden has been heading into a legal battle and has won several lawsuits against companies that used its technology, such as Digital Domain 3.0 and Shenzhenshi.

The legal process has also affected Disney, Paramount and Fox. According to the reports, these studios would have used Rearden's technology by third parties. The special effects company has wanted to take on production companies for a long time and now it has found a legal margin to get the lawsuit going. It is claimed that Rearden can show that the companies named se have directly benefited from the use of their intellectual property.

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If this continuous demand, the studies risk having to share the profits of your blockbusters with Rearden. The most affected would be Disney. The titles included in the suit are: beauty and the Beast, Night at the Museum 3 and several movies of Marvel that go back to Guardians of the Galaxy. Rearden argues that the reason these films did so well at the box office is because of the use of their easy recognition technology to create greater realism. They also seek to gain part of the rights of the characters created through their technology. The most notable is Thanos.

For its part, Disney it has spoken on several occasions. They claim that Rearden does not have enough evidence to ensure that the reason viewers have seen your movies is because of them. In a motion of the complaint they state: “There are many reasons why viewers go to the cinema to see a movie. The actors, the script, the costumes and the music are included along with others. It is highly speculative to say which of these factors is what makes characters pay for a movie. But at least these are things that people actually see or hear. "

The truth is that from the legal aspect it is a hard case for Rearden. But if the company goes ahead and manages to win it would be something remarkable and would put other studies in check. The case could open the door for similar companies that want to file similar lawsuits.

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